We are a Kenyan-based safari tour operator, specializing in Kenyan game viewing safaris, wildlife photography safaris, tribal photography tours, Uganda & Rwanda Gorilla trekking, Mount Kenya & Kilimanjaro climbing, and beach vacations to Zanzibar, Malindi, and Diani.

We offer customized Kenya safari holidays for families, couples, solo individuals, and groups. We will customize your safari to best fit your needs, depending on the number of days you want to spend in East Africa, your budget, parks and beaches that you want to visit, tribes that you want to see, or any other specific requests.

We excel in game viewing safaris, however, our true passion and main area of expertise – is guiding wildlife photographers and African big cat tracking (Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs, and Servals). All our wildlife guides are from the Maasai tribe, who are famous for being the best animal trackers in Kenya. Not only are they expert game spotters and extremely knowledgeable about the local animals, birds and plants, but they are also trained to work with wildlife photographers. They know exactly how to position the car for the best light and how to predict an animal’s next move, helping clients to capture very special moments and take award-winning photos. Our photography vehicles are designed and custom-built with photographer’s needs in mind. No wonder that many renowned wildlife photographers and photo workshop leaders are our loyal customers.

We strive to provide each of our guests with the ultimate East Africa experience, unveiling its unrivaled beauty, rich culture and exotic wildlife. Our tours are meticulously planned and run by a very skilled team of local wildlife guides and operators. We promise you will have the most memorable and thrilling wildlife and photography experience – a perfect blend of adventure, beauty, wilderness and luxury.